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Kascha and Friends

Kascha and Friends

Kascha's two girlfriends, Samantha Strong and Charlie Waters are old high school rivals. When Charlie invites Samantha to her birthday party the rivalry starts again. Samantha is convinced that Charlie remembers their birthdays are on the same day and is having a party to upstage Samantha. To out flank Charlie, Samantha and her boyfriend Peter North call all their joint friends to promise and deliver delicious erotic favors if they come to Sam's party!

Kaschas Blues

Kascha's Blues

Peter North is married to a living dream- Kascha! However Peter and his overactive hormones are chasing other dreams. He is spying on Ebony Ayes, having affairs with Dana Lynn and Ariel Knight

Introducing Kascha

Introducing Kascha

Wanda (Brandy Wine) and Manny (Jan Sanders) are married but something is wrong. It's a common problem, Manny has withdrawn into his work and is sexually avoiding Wanda. However with an appetite for sexual openness, Wanda contrives an erotic weekend in the mountians to dynamite Manny out of his cave. With the help of Wanda's interracial neighbors, their niece, and some incredibly steamy letters tha Manny's sister Dana (Kascha) left at the cabin, the weekend becomes an orgy of released desires!

From Kascha With Love

From Kascha With Love

Frankie is lost between his innocence and the desires of a young man. His mother is at her sexual peak with women or men. When Frankie finds Kascha, there is hope. Karen is drawn to Frankie too, while her girlfriend has the time of her life with an ebony hunk. Together these folks create magic that will leave your VCR smoking!

Hawaii Vice

Hawaii Vice #2 - The Deadly Game

Francois and Kascha are again sent to Hawaii where they investigate Samantha Strong and her collection of beaut pageant theives. The state of Hawaii pays big bucks to the winners of these contests. Working with their Hawaiian operatives they carefully cast their net over Samantha's curvacious con game and score another grand triumph for Hawaii Vice!

Kascha Hawaii Vice #1

Hawaii Vice #1

The two best Vice Agents from LA go under cover in Hawaii: Agents Francois Papillon and Kascha jet to the "Big Island" to expose and arrest "Mr. Big". Their surveillance moves from one location to another while observing the lusty sexual habits of this cadre of criminals...

The Bashful blonde From Beautiful Bendover

The Bashful Blonde From Beautiful Bendover

Saddle up, as this Bashful Blond will take you on a ride you'll never forget!

Charlie's Girls (Coast to Coast)

Charlie's Girls (Coast to Coast)

Do opposites attract? In this interracial movie they do! White women who just can`t help themselves from craving a big black man get all that their wet dreams could ask for. When black and white mix, the result is hot pink. It`s hot pink that bumps and grinds slippery sweat-soaked bodies, straining every glistening muscle from one rippling explosion to the next.