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Monique was born in Hungary on 14 July 1976. She lost her virginity at an early age: "I was 13. It was summer time. I was on holiday and I thought to myself: 'My God, I'm 13 and I'm still virgin'. So I decided to solve this. I left my hotel and looked for an attractive guy. When I found him, we simply fucked. I can't even remember his name or his face. It was terrible. Really bad! The first time I had sex with a girl I was 15 years old. I was with my sister and my best girlfriend. We had a threesome!" During her teenage years Monique led a sexually adventurous lifestyle, claiming: "When I was 16 years old I went to a party in a very big house. It was a S/M party. Someone was the domina and the other people had to be submissive. They had to obey her commands, but they didn't have to do anything against their will. It was incredible. Some guys were fucked in the ass, and a woman was so horny that she even fucked her dog. I was just watching and telling people what they had to do… in another party I had to suck one guy and have sex with my best girlfriend."

Monique began working as a model at the age of 16, something she continued after finishing high school and moving on to university. She studied marketing but soon became disillusioned with the modelling industry. "I used to be a fashion model, but it was too stressful." “I had a Hungarian manager and he told me I could fly to Paris and do a nude photo-shoot. Then I met Pierre Woodman. After this I got into the porno business.” French director Pierre Woodman worked for Private, and during the explosion of Central European porn actresses of the mid-1990's, discovered Anita Blonde, Anita Dark and Nikki Anderson. All these women began as mainstream models, but the lure of big money, coupled with their own exhibitionist tendencies led them all into hardcore porn.

Monique did her first hardcore photo shoot in 1994 for Woodman; her first onscreen sex scene took place a year later in Sydney, Australia, for Private's 'Video Magazine 21' (1995). Later that same year she starred in her first full-length film – ‘The Tower’ (1995), also for Private. According to Monique: "I couldn’t tell the difference between normal sex and making the movie. I had a really good time!" However this did cause other problems as she couldn’t separate her private life from her work. "I was having sex with my boyfriend and I suddenly realized that I was posing and making faces and the sex wasn’t even that good! So I took a six-month break to step back and try to love someone."

She eventually established herself working for Hans Moser (aka Sacha Alexander), who used to be married to the Dutch porn star Helen Duval. By 1996, she had had breast implants and Moser was promoting Monique as the new Helen Duval, launching a series of magazines and videos under this title. This caused endless confusion, as there now appeared to be two Helen Duvals on the market. Nevertheless, Monique Covet not only had a beautiful body and face, but also proved to be a natural in front of the camera. She was an insatiable porn star willing to try anything from double-penetrations and double anal penetrations, to facial come-shots and gangbangs. She was also bi-sexual - at the time she was having an affair with another woman - and so had no problem doing sex scenes with other starlets. She admits: "I don't have a preference, they're both different. Sometimes I like to be with a woman, sometimes with a man."

Monique's parents were shocked when they realised their daughter was now fucking and sucking in front of the camera for a living. "At first my family hated it but they have come to accept it when they see I am happy and make a lot of money." In 1996 she was nominated as 'Best Starlet' at the Hot D'Or in Cannes.

In 1998 Monique joined Pirate and disassociated herself from the controversial 'Helen Duval' persona. She was eventually voted Pirate girl of the year, and with the retirement of Anita Blond and Anita Dark in 1999, found herself as the most popular Hungarian porn star in Europe.

Monique claims, "I always have been [a pervert] and always will be." “I like it when a man pisses in my mouth. I also like it when he spanks me. When I like a man, I’ll do anything!” Her career as a porn star allowed her to be a lot more open about her sexuality although she admits that the routines involved in making porn films often bore her. "I don't enjoy knowing what is going to happen. I don't want to go home every night and have sex the same way, doing the same things. I like spontaneous sex. When I feel excited I just have to do it." Being a self-confessed exhibitionist this has led Monique into some interesting situations. "If I want to do it, I simply do it. I've done it everywhere, in restaurants, on the beach, in a lift, in the street, in a plane… I was 19. It was in a flight from Hamburg to Budapest. I saw a handsome guy and just let myself go. We went to the toilet and that was it. We had a really good time."

Pornography has also allowed her to live out most of her fantasies. "I had a lot of dreams, but they have already come true, like having sex with my boyfriend. Another one that I used to have was seeing me in a studio full of dildos. I took one and started playing with it. Then, some guys came and discovered me in the studio. We were all turned on by the situation and started fucking. I had dicks in my hands, in my mouth and in my pussy. I felt really good because I didn't need the dildo anymore I had their dicks for me. But this has also come true in the videos." Sado-masochism also plays an important part in her fantasies. "I love all forms of sex, particularly sado-masochism and bondage… I really love to be dominant, gagging people and treating them roughly. I really get off on that." "I'm pretty dominant sexually. If I get you into bed with me you'd better watch out! I can act very crazy sometimes. People must think I'm insane, I just like to have fun." Nevertheless, the longer she remained in the industry, the more varied her fantasies became. "I would like to have sex with a She-Male, I've always wanted to fuck with a transsexual. I also had a fantasy to fuck a guy in the ass with a strap-on dildo. In the video Xtreme Desires I did it - I was so horny doing that!" Her most extreme fantasy has yet to come true though. "I think it's impossible that it happens and that's why just the very thought of it makes me feel so horny. I'm in a room with mirrors everywhere. The walls are mirrors, the ceiling is a mirror, wherever I look, I see my reflection. There's not much light, just some candles. I wander across the room and see a body lying. He is dead. I go to him and fuck him. I don't see his face, I don't know who he is, I just feel the corpse. It's thrilling, but nearly unrealisable. Anyway, if I had the chance, I'd do it."

Monique’s standing in the industry was recognised in 2002 when she won 'Venus Award' in Berlin for 'Best European Actress'. In 2004 she was given the Jury Actress Award at the Berlin Erotic Film Festival and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brussels Erotic Film Festival. She retired from porn later the same year.

Following her retirement Monique moved back to Hungary after spending eight years living in Germany. In Budapest she began publishing her own adult magazine while appearing as host every Friday night at The Clan Restaurant. "I organize the programs and am involved in the striptease and lesbian shows," she said. According to Covet amateur couples would also get on stage for live sex shows. "I lived in Germany a long time and over there this kind of show is totally normal. So we thought we’d try it in Budapest. Challenge the prudes!"

Although still single at present, Covet admits that she would like a lasting relationship. Her character and past make this hard though. "Men don’t like it if a woman knows what she wants. In my case, they imagine a dumb blonde Barbie doll and when I say something intelligent they are totally taken aback. And with the career that I have, it is truly a horror combination. Also, no one could stand the fact that I was always travelling."

Although originally eclipsed by fellow Hungarians Anita Blond, Anita Dark and Nikky Anderson, as well as Czech stars Sylvia Saint and Lea Martini, by 2001 four of these five girls had retired. By then Monique Covet had become one of the most insatiable and popular porn stars in Europe, while the owner of Private once described her as “the most kinky girl in the business.” Although she admittedly entered the porn industry for the money and adventure, she soon found herself drawn to it for other reasons as well. In 1999 she said: "Sex is one of the most important things in my life. I don't know how I would cope if I didn't get the regular sex of this business… When I get horny I can fuck anything - men, women, transvestites - I don't care!" Even after her retirement Monique continued to appear in adult magazines, and admitted that a return to porn films was always possible. “I’ll never say never!”