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Maria De Sanchez was born on 2 June 1969 in Barcelona, Spain. She is a very athletic woman who actually went on to become the Spanish champion in Thai Kick Boxing. In the early 1990's, while working as a stripper in Tenerife, she and her husband, Olivio Sanchez entered the Spanish porn industry. They had both been swingers, and the idea of being paid to have sex turned them on. At first it entailed modelling, but she soon moved on to hard-core films. She auditioned for Pierre Woodman of Private in September 1995, who eventually cast her in a number of his movies. During the interview she came across as very confident and relaxed about sex. “I don’t know how many men I’ve slept with. Maybe 150, or 200. I also like girls. I’m bisexual. Sexually speaking I like everything except sadomasochism. I enjoy giving blowjobs and I like the taste of sperm. I also enjoy anal sex. I orgasm during anal sex.” When asked what her main sexual fantasy was, she answered "to have an orgasm with another woman and to have sex with lots of men at the same time. Lots of men... the more the better!"

Nevertheless, despite appearing in a number of Private movies, she remained relatively unknown outside of her native Spain. Her big break came in late 1995 when Joe D'Amato decided to film 'Carmen' (1995) with an all-Spanish cast. Maria appeared in two scenes and became the highlight of the movie. D'Amato quickly realised her potential and immediately cast her in his follow-up 'Flamenco Extasy' (1996). Although he used the same actors and actresses, Maria was the star and appeared in almost all the sex scenes. This became perhaps one of the best films she has made to date. Early the following year John Stagliano shot 'Buttman In Barcelona' (1997) and decided to use her in one of the scenes. This was the first time Maria had obtained any exposure outside of Europe.

With her long black hair, beautiful face, natural breasts and now tightened body, Maria personified the perfect Latin woman. Furthermore, perhaps due to the fact that she was older than the average porn star, she always appeared comfortable and in control, though always insatiable when it came to sex. In 1996 she won the award for 'Best Spanish Female Actress' at the Européen du X, in Brussels. The exposure led her to move to France, where she appeared in such classic porn films as 'Le Maitre Chanteur 2' (1997) and 'Le Fetichiste' (1999). She would often have sex with her husband on screen, but was in no way confined to him. Maria would fuck anyone, and became one of the nastiest starlets on the circuit. By the end of 1997 she had also won the award for 'Best Spanish Actress' at the Erotic Film Festival in Barcelona.

During 1997 she moved to the States to work, but as was the case with many European actresses that made this move her potential was never fully realised and her American based films were always of mediocre quality. She soon returned to her native Barcelona but continued to work for US directors such as John Leslie, who used her in his film 'The Voyeur 7' (1998). In an interview the following year John Leslie, commented: "She's incredible… Maria does have a wonderful quality about her. Very feminine." Throughout 1998 and 1999 she continued starring in Italian and French porn films although her appearances were now few and far between. She eventually retired from the porn industry in late 1999 in order to concentrate on modelling and running a swingers club called 'Mode Bar' she had opened in Tenerife with her husband back in 1996. Although never making a full return to porn, she did appear in the odd movie in 2002, and again in 2006.