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Lea Martini was born in 1973, in a little mountain village in the north of what was then Czechoslovakia. Growing up with her mother after her parents split, she attended a strict all-girls school, before going to college in Prague. While there she took part in the 'Velvet Revolution' of November 1989 that saw the country split in two. At age 18 Lea set her sights on modelling. When meeting her for the first time her Czech agent told her: "You look as beautiful as Claudia Schiffer, but more perverted." Lea eventually lost her virginity when she was 19. "I was with a student my age named Michel, it was his first time as well. I was making use of the fact that my parents were away for the weekend and had left me in charge of the house." By now Lea was modelling underwear, but the lure and glamour of Paris soon attracted her. She later admitted that: "I fell in with certain agents that lacked scruples. They basically told me: 'if you want to work, you have to sleep with people.'" Lea later described herself at this point in time as "a young timid Czech girl", but she was unwilling to return to the Czech Republic. She began not only having sex with agents, but soon found herself drifting towards soft-core, and then hard-core photo shoots. "I started to do nude pictures and found I was very good at it. Not every model can make good nude pictures. In fashion you are just some person wearing some other person's clothes. In nude pictures you are yourself. You need a special confidence to carry it off well. And from nude modelling it was a short step into adult movies."

Lea had not had a particularly promiscuous youth, but claimed: "When I have sex in front of the camera, and it's with a man that excites me, it's an added turn on." In 1995 she moved to Germany and made her first hard-core porn film using the pseudonym Annie K. Her first on-screen sex was a lesbian scene with her Czech compatriot and friend Jennifer Dior. The film, however, was a semi-professional affair directed by Ralf Scott, and conditions left a lot to be desired. She later recalled how "I found myself working with amateurs who simply wanted to degrade me. When the filming finished I was left with my face covered in come and no showers in which to get washed."

Lea was close to quitting the business, but decided to make one more film for Private entitled 'Le Jardin De Venus' (1995), directed by Ian Nicols. Nicols later recalled, "While filming ['Le Jardin De Venus'] I found a superb young Czech blond that today calls herself Lea Martini. I was really lucky to have found her, because the casting agency in Antwerp had sent me photographs of dozens of girls." During the shoot she fell in love with her co-star, French porn actor Bruno Aissix, and the two of them became inseparable. During the film he introduced Lea to anal sex, in a scene she later described as the most intense and satisfying she had ever experienced. "I love Bruno, he's an exceptional man. Outside of the business we are completely faithful to each other, but that doesn't stop him from offering me delicacies. I'm bisexual. A beautiful woman is as delicious as chocolate mouse. I love threesomes with Bruno and another woman that excites me. If I would have a relationship with anyone other than Bruno, it would definitely be with a woman." Following this movie Nicols directed, produced and edited 'Antefutura' that was tailored especially for Lea and Bruno.

Everyone was enthralled by her enthusiasm in front of the camera and 'Le Jardin De Venus' became a massive hit. She had a beautiful firm body, an alluring face and wonderful natural breasts. At the time she admitted that she didn't really enjoy the sex. Sometimes she would orgasm on the set, but on the whole she viewed it as a job, even comparing it to working in a post office every day! She later admitted that: "I rarely have an orgasm on set. Bruno believes it's because I'm such a professional." Nevertheless, Lea found the porn industry an educational experience. "Everything to do with sex I have done first on film. The first time I do oral sex was on film. The first time I do anal was on film and the first time I make love to woman was on film. I am glad about that. Porno pushes you to do new things and I would never have had sex with a woman otherwise and I like it very much... My background was very conservative, you see... my life in Czechoslovakia was very sheltered. No one ever discussed sex openly. I didn't know about things like anal sex, group sex, adventurous stuff, until I started in the industry. And these things are great fun. I have more confidence now, more money and a very exciting sex life." Lea suddenly found herself in demand throughout Europe and soon moved back to Paris with Bruno where they made a number of porn films together. Bruno was not jealous, however, and Lea was often filmed having sex with other men. In 1996 she moved to Italy where she adopted the name Cinderella and worked with Mario Salieri.

By mid-1996 she had returned to France and adopted the name Lea Martini. Her big break came later that same year when she came to the attention of French film director and producer Marc Dorcel. Dorcel ran VMD productions, the largest adult video company in France, and was responsible for turning Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Maria De Sanchez and Olivia Del Rio into major European porn stars. Dorcel cast Lea in his movie 'La Ruee Vers Laure' (1996), opposite Laure Sainclair, Anita Dark and Olivia Del Rio. This proved to be the turning point in Lea's career and she soon became a mainstay in Dorcel productions.

Under the guidance of Marc Dorcel, Lea not only appeared in some of the best porn films made in Europe during the 1990's, but also became much more relaxed during her sex scenes. The new conditions and surroundings meant that she no longer compared it to 'working in a post office', and began to enjoy herself. This change in attitude could be seen in her performances. Lea always had class, but she was now able to somehow mix this with schoolgirl innocence while simultaneously taking part in some of her nastiest sex scenes to date. "Sometimes I like to be fucked really hard and violent, mix pain and pleasure. It is, erm, how you say, cathartic" Lea Martini had become the European equivalent of Annette Haven - a classy porn star. Unlike Annette Haven though, Lea had no problem with anal sex, group sex, or even having five men jerk off onto her face. When asked who her favourite male co-star was she replied "David Perry for blowjobs and Richard Lengin for anal sex… I also like working with Philippe Dean, but his dick is too big for me and it's sometimes uncomfortable having anal sex with him." By 1997 the French edition of Penthouse had voted Lea one of the top seven porn stars in Europe - the others being Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Olivia Del Rio, Coralie and N'J De Bahia. At the Adult Cinema Awards in Paris the same year she also won the award for 'Best East European Actress' as a result of her role in the excellent 'Le Maitre Chanteur' (1997).

Lea was always selective about the movies she starred in and approached the industry with a professional attitude. "I prefer to make less money, and appear in better films. I have time. I'm planning on having a long career. That's one of the reasons I refuse to do double-penetrations. I don't want to be an actress that does everything in a few months. I'll do my first double-penetration when I consider the time is right, in a movie of my choosing and with actors that turn me on." In late 1997 she claimed: "I've only made 19 films in 19 months. But I've done lots of photo shoots for various magazines. I don't think you become a star by simply making lots of films."

Her status within the porn industry meant that Lea's mother was now aware of how her daughter made a living. Her reaction though was supportive. "We talk every day and she is very proud that I am doing well, but she won't watch my movies - thank God! But sometimes we do discuss sex. I rang up the other day and mentioned: 'Oh mum, I had such a difficult anal sex session yesterday' and she was like: 'Ooh, anal sex - how do you do that? What does it feel like?' and so on. So I said 'Well, mum, you have to use cream and control your breathing and try to relax' and so on. Anyway, a couple of days later she called me all excited and said: 'Hey, guess what? I did anal sex last night'. My mum is 50 years old and I teach her that!"

Along with a number of other European porn stars, Lea now turned her attention to the US market. She began by appearing in a number of low budget productions with Bruno, and although Lea still looked beautiful, she was these films only redeeming feature. She then teamed up with Dutch porn star Helen Duval and starred in 'LA Lust' (1998), directed by Jane Hamilton (aka Veronica Hart). This well filmed and very erotic movie finally launched Lea into the mainstream of the US market. Her beauty, and especially the fact that unlike most US porn stars Lea did not have silicon breasts, meant that she was soon in demand. Nevertheless, she never achieved the same level of success she had enjoyed in Europe. She returned to France and continued making quality porn films, eventually co-starring in Zara White's comeback movie 'La Dresseuse' (2000).

Lea and Bruno had started to drift apart as early as mid-1997. "It is difficult to have a relationship in this business. It's strange, and you might think me a hypocrite, but I don't want a man who would be prepared to let me fuck other men for a living. And it is nearly impossible to have a proper relationship with a male adult actor because he has to save himself for film. Me, I can fuck as many times as I need in one day, but the men have to save their cum for films and you cannot have a deep loving sex life if your boyfriend can't afford to cum when he sleeps with you. Also you'll see your boyfriend sleeping with your girlfriends on set and it is like - my God, where am I?" Although they remained close friends, by 1998 Lea had broken up with Bruno.

Following her split with Bruno, Lea decided to retire from porn. Although her exposure to the industry meant that she was now a confident woman that enjoyed sex, fame and money, her strict Catholic upbringing constantly caused doubts. In 1997 she confessed: "Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had never got involved. But you cannot know, can you? Sometimes the Catholic in me feels bad about what I do. I think that when you give sex for a living, a part of you disappears... I find myself thinking about just packing it all in. But I can never go back. Whatever I do, even if I become a mainstream actress, I will always be an ex-porn star."

Despite her doubts Lea remained in contact with the industry and continued to make the occasional appearance on film and in magazines. Her relationship with Bruno also remained friendly. While photographing him and his new girlfriend for a hard-core shoot in Cannes in 2000, she constantly goaded him by shouting: "Hey Bruno, when your girlfriend dumps you some day, tell her to call me, I want to fuck her!" Lea had by now relocated to London and moved behind the camera. "I'd rather work behind the camera now. I'm thinking of starting a series entitled 'Lea Martini Casting' or 'Lea Martini Girls'… Will I return to working in front of the camera again? I don't know, who can predict what will happen? Since quitting I have worked for Andrew Blake in the US, and a month ago I did a scene for Marc Dorcel. I enjoy working as a reporter because it's something different… I know the world of pornography and this helps me to interview a lot of people. Furthermore, I'm curious by nature, so I'm constantly asking questions about porn stars private lives"

Despite having the figure and face of a model, and appearing in some extremely hot sex scenes, Lea was always something of a chameleon, often even referred to as an 'Ice Queen'. Anita Blond once recalled: "Lea is an actress that really turns me on at the moment. I find her body perfect. When she is in front of the camera she seems to transform, sexually exciting any actor or actress that she is with. Off camera she is subdued, calm and reserved. I find her completely wonderful." A reporter that met her in Cannes during the film festival of 2000 remembered: "When Lea decides to take part in the social life you realise just how good an actress she really is. She becomes the centre of attention, telling jokes, laughing, and being extremely flirtatious with both men and women. Other times, when she's alone, she's as silent as a tomb, melancholic even."

When she was still making films Lea admitted: "I don't imagine that mainstream film producers are going to come knocking at my door… I want to live in Paris and become the Pamela Anderson of porn." In a sense she achieved this, becoming, along with Sylvia Saint, the most famous porn star ever to come out of the Czech Republic. Although Sylvia Saint eclipsed her in the US, in Europe she remained one of the top stars of the European adult industry. Today Lea is romantically involved with porn producer Giancarlo Bini, whom she plans to marry. She lives in England but moves between cities: "I enjoy coming to Cannes for the weekend or for a holiday… London is a vibrant city, it's very exciting to work there, but it's also very tiring. I also return to the Czech Republic sometimes to see my family. Sometimes I visit Paris." According to Lea "I have no regrets about being a porn star. I found it very interesting and I was very happy with what I was doing." As a result she has left the door to further porn films open, and continues to occasionally appear in nude layouts for European magazines.