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Kelly Trump was born Nicole Trippelshritt, in Bottrop, Germany, on 27 August 1970. She apparently had a difficult childhood, and was in constant conflict with her stepfather. After finishing high school she went to college where she trained to be a dentist's assistant. "I learnt a job after school like everyone. After the end of the training though I had no more interest in the field and decided to occupy myself otherwise." Instead she became a hairdresser, supplementing her income by working for various phone-sex companies and even as a stripper. Eventually she was offered a job as a lingerie model, and at the suggestion of a friend decided to do some nude modelling as well.

By 1994 she had started a relationship with Yugoslav born porn star Backey Jakic, and was asked to appear in a film being shot in the Caribbean, entitled ‘Dangerous Dreams’. It was only after the casting sessions that she realised it was a porn film. Nevertheless she decided to try it out, claiming: "the step to hard core was for me the only logical move".

Kelly Trump was a natural when it came to hard-core pornography: "I did not have any inhibitions… I have a good relationship with my body and my own sexuality, and therefore had no problems appearing naked in front of the camera. Having sex in front of the camera was actually fascinating, it provided an additional kick."

She began making films in Germany for Terressa Orlowski's company VTO, often starring alongside Jakic, but her first big break came in 1995 with John Stagliano's 'Buttman's European Vacation 3', in which she took part in a double penetration. Following this anal sex and double penetrations almost became her trademark. Kelly claimed, "I only do things in front of the camera I enjoy". As a result she was willing to do almost anything without a hint of inhibition. Towards the end of the year she appeared in films by French director Marc Dorcel, and Italian director Mario Salieri - two of the biggest names in the European porn industry. At the 1995 'Adult Video Awards' in Brussels, she was also voted 'Best Actress'.

In 1996 she moved to the US for a while and starred in a number of adult movies including John Leslie's 'The Voyeur 3'. Perhaps her most erotic work, however, was in 'Messalina' and 'Lolita', both by the American based Italian director Joe D'Amato. In these films Kelly appeared in one sex scene after another, taking part in threesomes, foursomes, double penetrations and facial cum shots. Unlike many other porn actresses, Kelly truly seemed to relish her work whether she was constantly having anal sex or having four men jerk off onto her face. "I believe that one must enjoy doing this job, not only for yourself but also for the audience… for many girls this is a short term job, and they only do it for the money… Personally I enjoy being in front of the camera, I enjoy the sex and I enjoy pleasing men with my body."

During 1997 Kelly returned to Europe and signed an exclusive contract with the German based MMV (Multi Media Verlag). She had by now become the most successful German porn star since Terressa Orlowski in the mid-1980's. That year she won the award for Best Actress at the Berlin Venus Awards, and the Brussels ‘Adult Video Awards’. However, with the odd exception, the overall quality of her films was mediocre by this point. Often it was only her presence in one or two sizzling scenes that saved the movie. "When I'm having sex in front of the camera I concentrate fully on the shoot and my partner. When I see the finished product I try to imagine what my audience thinks and feels when they see it… When I am shooting I get turned on by having sex with a complete stranger, but there is no genuine affection or love. If I therefore have a partner who doesn't excite me, I speak to the producer and ask to work with someone else because otherwise I cannot be convincing… The size of a man's dick is not important, it's what he does with it. Although it does make things easier for the woman if he is big."

Occasionally, she did appear in a number of excellent low-budget films, such as 'Jeannie', which was based on the 1960's hit television series. By 2000, however, she was no longer the petite bombshell she had been at the beginning of her career. Her face looked older and harder, and her breasts looked too plastic. The early films she made between 1995-1996, despite being mediocre in quality, established her as one of the most insatiable and erotic porn stars ever to come out of Europe. Although she remained as enthusiastic as ever when it came to having sex in front of the camera, and was still considered among the top anal queens in Europe, her best movies were by now behind her. Kelly Trump continued to make films, having announced, "When I notice I don't stimulate my fans any more, I will immediately stop making hard core porn movies". Nevertheless, her output was reduced drastically as she had begun considering mainstream acting roles and launched her own website. In 2001 she was again voted 'Best German Actress' at the 'Venus Awards' in Berlin. At the ceremony awards she also announced her retirement from the porn industry. She moved on to host a late night TV show for the German station RTL2, as well as appearing in the occasional mainstream production. In 2004 she hit the headlines by taking part in a German Reality TV show, and later that year began writing her autobiography with journalist Werner Schlegel. ‘Kelly Trump: Porno-Ein Star Packt Aus’ was eventually published on 24 October 2005. She continues to live in Germany with her husband Axel Coon, former member of the German techno-pop band Scooter.

Kelly Trump became the most hyped German adult actress of the 1990's, and remains extremely popular in Europe. By her own admission, it was her enthusiasm for rough and nasty sex that propelled her into the industry's elite. She was considered not only the top German porn star of the last twenty years, but also one of the best in Europe.