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Flame was born Alicia Vickers on 30 March 1972, in Dallas, Texas. “My folks got divorced when I was two. My mom’s young looking like I am. She’s very beautiful and she’s had a lot of boyfriends.” Flame and her younger bother were both raised by their mother, but were in constant contact with their father. Soon after turning sixteen she began working as a stripper in Dallas.

Things began to change for her in early 1991. “I was doing legitimate modelling and answered an ad in the paper for ‘Figure Modelling’. I interviewed with a guy named Rex, who goes by the name Lance Haywood, and he talked me into doing an amateur video. So I did that, and it was fun. And he was cute and everything, so I liked it. Then he told me what I could be making if I did magazine layouts and movies, and the money sounded really good. And of course I love sex, so I thought, what the hell? So he took me to see Perry Ross, and from there I went to talent agent Jim South.”

“My first job was for Bill Falcon [in the film ‘Dream Lover’], and I worked with Sean Michaels… Sean picked me out of a crowd and we did the last scene in the movie, which turned out to be the best scene… I was real nervous, but Sean helped me relax… He just pampered me, which was so sweet. It was the first day I met him. We’ve been good friends ever since.”

In the film 18-year-old Flame has anal sex with Sean Michaels. “That was my first time on camera. I’d only done it twice in real life. Obviously, Sean is very huge, so it was tough. But then I did another shoot with him in ‘Black Obsession’ and he got it all the way in.” Despite initial reluctance and her petite frame, anal sex soon became a mainstay of her films, although by her own admission, “[Joey Silver is] the only guy I ever did anal with that didn’t hurt me. While we were doing the shoot, the director goes, ‘Okay, that’s all the footage we need’, and I’m like ‘Nooooo, you don’t have to stop. I want more!’”

By early 1992, Flame had already established herself as one of the main performers in the US adult film industry, appearing alongside major names such as Savannah, Nikki Dial, Deidre Holland and Ashlyn Gere. ‘A Secret Garden’ (1992) was her favourite project. "I loved doing that movie. Michael Zen is the best director. He pushes you to your limit to get the best performance out of you. I got to work with Ashlyn Gere and I was well paid." “Ashlyn Gere is probably my favourite woman I’ve worked with… She’s real sweet and she’s petite like I am.”

According to Flame her boyfriend was always supportive of her. “Oh, he loves it! He always says how proud he is of me. He’s still in Dallas, but I always send him videotapes of stuff I’ve done. He watches them and masturbates a lot… He’s got a nice sized cock, about eight and a half inches and kind of thick. It’s perfect for me, because I like big cocks…. We like other people. And when we’re together sometimes I’ll bring a girl home and he can watch or join in, whatever the girl’s more comfortable with.”

As her fame as a porn star grew, it was only a matter of time before her family also found out about her chosen career. “My mom knows and she’s supportive of me. She doesn’t criticize or anything. My little brother knows. My father doesn’t know. He knew that I was a topless dancer before and that really freaked him out. He still loves me but I don’t think I could tell him about this. If he finds out, he finds out; but I’m not going to say, ‘Hey dad, guess what? I’m a porn star now. I fuck for a living!’ He’s still back in Texas.”

Despite her innocent young looks, Flame was a sexually charged performer when it came to porn films. “When a guy or girl eats my pussy I come two, maybe three times, depending on how long they go down on me. And when I have sex with a guy I usually come once or twice, depending on how excited I get and what kind of mood I’m in. But usually after a girl/girl scene I want a guy. So if I’m doing a shoot where I have to do a boy/girl and a girl/girl, I like to do the girl/girl scene first, so afterward I can get some dick.”

Photographer Ian Gittler recalled meeting her for the first time during a party at Sean Michaels’ house. “Flame is drunk, dancing barefoot, tits out. She pushes her boyfriend up against the bar. He’s drunk too, and shirtless… Flame bends at her waist, pulls Rob’s dick out, and begins sucking it. Rob sees me watching them. First he pulls his girlfriend’s dress up. He fingers her ass a little. Then he swings Flame around. She thrusts her hips forward, pulls her panties to the side. Rob empties his Heineken over her crotch, then Flame goes back down on him.”

By her own admission Flame was an exhibitionist. “[I had sex] in a club my boyfriend works at. At a round table by the dance floor. It was real dark. He was toe-fucking me, and then fingering me and then we just… fucked! People around us knew what we were doing… I love it [when people watch]. It turns me on. I’d love to fuck on a beach, with everyone watching!” “I like watching myself on videotape. That really turns me on. But other than that I don’t get into pornos. I get to fuck all the time, so why should I watch it when I can do it.”

Despite enjoying working in adult films, Flame admits that not all her experiences in the industry had been good ones. “Probably the worst was when I did this anal scene with this mulatto guy who’s insane or something. He got really weird and didn’t keep the rhythm, and just pounded into me. I was so mad because I’m really tight, and he hurt me. So I was real pissed off after that and wouldn’t finish the scene with him. He left, and they let Sean Michaels do the scene instead. So it turned out okay.”

She became known in the industry as a girl that would do almost anything, from anal sex and double-penetration scenes, to male bisexual movies. Nevertheless, she did have limits. “[Ron Jeremy] tried to fuck me in The Comedy Store bathroom, but I was like ‘Nope, get out.’ I was drunk, but I didn’t fuck anybody that night. I just went home and passed out… I don’t do dirty things. I’m not a hooker. Some people treat me like a hooker. They offer me money for a blowjob and things like that. But I wouldn’t do that.”

In 1992 she said, “There’s still a few more people I’d like to work with. But then I want to start dancing again. I want to get on the road and do that a while. And then I want to go to college. I’m saving up for it.” Instead she eventually branched out into fetish movies in late 1994, before leaving the industry altogether a few months later. On 5 March 1995, she married the younger brother of fellow adult actress Raven, whom she met on a porn set where he worked as a PA.

Flame was never one of the major stars of the industry; she was not a good actress and rarely appeared on box covers. Nevertheless, her youthful girl-next-door looks, petite frame and raw sexuality ensured that she was always in demand by both the public and directors. Gerard Damiano, Henri Pachard and Michael Zen were just three of the big name directors she worked for. Although many of her films are instantly forgettable, others, such as ‘City Of Sin’ (1991), ‘House Of Sleeping Beauties’ (1992), ‘The Secret Garden’ (1992), ‘Things Change’ (1993) and ‘The Naked Goddess’ (1994) were among the best released in the US during the early 1990’s.