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Susan Jensen was one of the most beautiful and enigmatic women to enter US porn during the 1970’s. She began her career with the elusive ‘Confessions Of A Teenage Peanut Butter Freak’ (1974), using the pseudonym Christene Hoover. She only appeared in one mediocre threesome, but it included her only known on-screen anal sex scene. The following year she appeared in ‘The Joy Of letting Go’ (released in 1976) and the occasional underground loop, but failed to establish herself within the industry.

Her big break came in 1975 with her third full-length film, 'The Opening Of Misty Beethoven'. It was loosely based on George Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion', and received the first annual Erotic Film Festival Award for best movie, eventually becoming one of the most famous US adult films ever made. During the filming director Henry Paris (real name Radley Metzger) christened her Constance Money, apparently because she constantly asked him for money.

Constance Money originally thought the film was going to be an R-rated picture. Nevertheless, despite being unsure if she wanted to continue her career in porn, she performed all the hardcore scenes (including threesomes, foursomes and lesbian sex) with enthusiasm. "Misty is a good movie because it is real. The incidents in the film at the time, especially my relationship with Jamie (Gillis). Henry Paris made me that character. He told me I couldn't act so I fit the part… My sexual learning is just like Misty Beethoven showed. I started off clumsy".

During the shooting Constance and Jamie developed an intense relationship. "Jamie beat me up sexually. Jamie and I still have a strange relationship. He's kinky." Jamie later stated "I loved getting up every day to shoot because I was just crazy about Constance Money. Nuts about her! John Leslie was nuts about her too. I remember going to see another movie she did with John called 'Mary! Mary!' and we just sat in the theatre, watching the movie, kicking the seats in front of us, that's how much we really liked her. Wonderful. A bitch but wonderful."

Her relationship with Henry Paris, however, was far from amicable. "I didn't get paid for Misty Beethoven. Nor did I sign a release. I didn't have a good attitude and I didn't like Henry Paris… Henry Paris makes films with blood. Not money, blood. The man is sick. Anyone who squirts somebody in the face with K-Y Jelly and cottage cheese for ten hours a day has got to be doing it more than just for a film." According to Constance, shooting 'Misty Beethoven' took its toll on her: "I was so depressed after that movie."

"I was really screwed over, I thought, during the months it took to make 'Misty Beethoven', even though the picture turned out pretty well for me. I wasn't charmed by Radley - I am charmed by very few men - and I felt he didn't use me to my full potential."

Regardless, she increased her fee to four times the normal asking price and appeared in the surreal but excellent 'Mary! Mary!' (1976). "Making 'Mary! Mary!' took just a week and I had a great time with terrific people... I didn't go away feeling so broken down and degraded." Her next film was the psychological porn thriller 'Anna Obsessed' (1978), which also starred Annette Haven. Originally to be called ‘Obsessed‘, the film was rejected by almost every US distributor for being too disturbing. Nevertheless, it is now regarded as one of the best porn films of the 1970's. In it Constance Money is trapped in a sexually dysfunctional marriage with John Leslie, and is then molested by a mysterious stalker. She finds comfort in the arms of Annette, who then joins Constance and John in a threesome as the couple try to kick-start their sex-life. Eventually it transpires that Annette was the person stalking Constance all along, and seething with jealousy she attempts to kill John. The cinematography is sharp, the story intriguing, and the sex between Constance and Annette beautiful.

Despite being one of the most popular porn stars of the decade, and the only star to appear in two solo Playboy pictorials (July 1978, and May 1979), she only starred in seven adult films. Of these, the elusive ’Confessions Of A Teenage Peanut Butter Freak’ and ’The Joy Of Letting Go’, along with 'Misty Beethoven', 'Mary! Mary!' and 'Anna Obsessed', contained new material. The other two, 'Barbara Broadcast' (1977) and ‘Maraschino Cherry’ (1978) simply included sex scenes edited out of ’Misty Beethoven’ and left on the cutting room floor.

In 1980 she retired from the business. "Having done these films affects my relationships which is why I retired. A guy I'm going out with might go to a stag party where they show a tape, and other guys will say, 'isn't that your girlfriend?' It's hard for them to deal with it because most of them are really straight." Furthermore, there was her mother's reaction to her daughter's chosen occupation. "My mother was up one night watching cable TV with her boyfriend when she saw me." It came as quite a shock. Constance, however, soon realised that even after retiring her reputation as a porn star preceded her. "A couple of times in New York guys have come up to me and pulled their pants down. I was having dinner once and this guy came up and flop, he pulled his cock out right there in front of us."

During the early 1980's Constance Money lived with porn star John Leslie with whom she had a platonic relationship, claiming, "I could never get deeply involved with a man who's making sex films. Quite a few of them are robotized... and miserable in bed. John Leslie, who worked with me in 'Mary! Mary!', I like him a lot, though his sexual ideas are extreme. The mentality of most male sex professionals about their performance is absurd. I've been to bed with men who can never get it up and sometimes found them fantastic. I've also been into S/M at various times... I did two years of research on the subject when I was going to Mills College in Oakland."

Constance reverted to her real name Susan Jensen and relocated to Alaska where she ran a lodge frequented by offshore oil riggers. Her porn-star past was kept carefully hidden. "I only do what I like. I'm an egotist and always leading a double life, which I find kind of exciting. Way back in high school, I was a cheerleader by day, dropping acid and carousing at night. I'm a swinger by nature, I guess."

Legendary porn star Serena recalled seeing this wild side to Constance Money's character one night at the Playboy Mansion. "Playboy flew several porno actresses to Los Angeles for a 'Girls Of Porn' pictorial they were doing. They put us up at the mansion... Warren Beatty was one of the guests. He kept following me around, trying to put the make on me... We did it the first time in the sauna. Hef and Constance Money came in and fucked right next to us. Later, the four of us spent the night screwing in Hef's bedroom... They came so many times that night! The four of us did just about everything four people can do to each other sexually."

Constance Money's elusive behaviour and rare movie appearances merely increased the mystery surrounding her. "Every guy making a movie is looking for a girl like her", said John Leslie. This demand led her to return in 1983 for one last movie. Unfortunately, 'A Taste Of Money' (1983), which also starred Jamie Gillis, was not as interesting or well crafted as the films she made during the 1970's. Nevertheless, it was still above average, and she still looked as beautiful as ever. It was only her sixth adult movie containing entirely new material, and it became her final.

Constance Money was one of the most beautiful American porn stars of the 1970's. Her innocent features were a constant contrast to her sexual prowess, and she always looked wonderful being fucked! She appeared seven times in Playboy, either in solo pictorials, or in dedications to the adult industry. After retiring for the second time in 1983 she once again reverted to her real and returned to Alaska.