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Anita Blond was born in Hungary on 27 May 1976. As a teenager she worked as a mainstream model, before eventually turning to nude modelling and then soft-core. She auditioned for Private Video's Pierre Woodman not long after her eighteenth birthday. By her own admission money was her prime interest. Even at this early age, however, she came across as a very uninhibited young lady, openly admitting that she had already slept with over 50 men, and that she was naturally bisexual. She began making hardcore porn films for Private under a number of different names. These were mainly bit parts though. She eventually settled on the name Anita Kelly and complemented her video career by appearing in a various men's magazines such as Hustler and Cheri. During her first year in the business she also did a number of hardcore photo shoots for Private, in which she often had anal sex. By early 1995 her career began to take off and she started getting more central roles in movies. Unfortunately, as her reputation grew, she also stopped doing anal scenes. By this point she had changed her name to Anita Blond and began starring in a number of German and Italian porn films. She then moved to the more lucrative French market where she worked for Marc Dorcel's VMD. Within a year the French edition of Penthouse had voted her one of the top seven European porn stars of 1996 (the others being Laure Sainclair, Anita Dark, Olivia Del Rio, Lea Martini, Coralie and N'J Bahia).

While in France she often appeared alongside Czech porn star Lea Martini, who became one of her favourite co-stars. "When she is near me, she drives me crazy." "I find her body perfect. When she is in front of the camera she seems to transform, sexually exciting any actor or actress that she is with. Off camera she is subdued, calm and reserved. I find her completely wonderful… Apart from Lea Martini, Anita Dark is my favourite actress. She's Hungarian like me, we've known each other a long time and we're very close. Every time we meet up for a new film we become inseparable. I love having sex with her. We probably know each others bodies better than our respective boyfriends." By this point in time she had also become involved with Hungarian porn star Frank Gunn, whom she later married, and scenes with the two of them were usually explosive. "I adore him. For me Frank has the perfect body. I love him and I know he loves me, so I'm not jealous when he has sex with other women. When I'm in front of the camera having sex, I'm not thinking of other men, only how I feel."

Like many of her fellow European porn stars, Anita moved to the States in 1997, where she appeared in a number of American releases. These where mainly loops though, in videos such as the 'Sodomania' or the 'Dirty Debutants' series'. Although she became one of the most popular European stars in America, by 1998 she decided to return to Europe, and her US releases after this where few and far between. While in the States she reverted to being a brunette, her natural hair colour before eventually dyeing it black. This provided Anita with a much more classy look, which, combined with her slutty appearances, resulted in even more nasty sex scenes. It also caused a few problems as many confused her with Anita Dark. During this period she starred in a number of big budget movies directed by the Italian Joe D'Amato.

Anita Blond was an expert when it came to fucking and sucking in front of the camera, especially when someone took her from behind, which remains her favourite position. Despite never appearing to be over-enthusiastic, she was always nasty in an icy way, and often became completely carried away. While being filmed masturbating in 'Journal D'Une Infimriere' (1996) she became so turned on that she ignored the director's calls to stop at the end of the scene. Both director and crew were forced to wait until she finished before they could move on. In a similar manner French director John B. Root recalled her enthusiasm while he was filming a group scene in 'Sextet' (1996). "Anita was playing with herself, and offered to jerk me off for the simple fun of it during a scene in which she was not involved."

According to Anita, "To say I love having sex with men is an understatement, but I also enjoy being with a woman. I get tuned on by both a beautiful pussy and a hard cock… The best scene I've done was with Rocco Siffredi. I had sex with him in a bathroom in Turin, and it was the most intense and sexually satisfying scene I've ever done as a porn actress. When I think that I refused to work with him for two years! I used to think that he was too hardcore for me. In fact he was adorable. He has this hardcore image but in reality he is incredibly gentle with women. Sex with him was totally beautiful. He went down on me for a long time, and he's really good at that. Then I gave him a blowjob. He's really big but when he penetrated me we found a great rhythm. He held me, I embraced him, and then he fucked me really hard. He drove me crazy with his dick, and I ended up having the best orgasm of my career."

Anita Blonde was never a very good actress, and her limited knowledge of English meant that dialogue was often stunted. Her European releases were almost all dubbed, and in many of them she had no lines whatsoever. Although she appeared in movies alongside some Europe's biggest names, such as Laure Sainclair, Lea Martini, Anita Dark, Olivia Del Rio and Maria De Sanchez, she rarely got star billing. Nevertheless, her stunning figure, which she loved accentuating by wearing high heels and mini-skirts, beautiful face and raw sexuality made her one of the most in-demand porn stars in Europe. Anita was without doubt one of the top ten European porn stars of the late 1990's. In 1999, however, she decided to quit the business, and returned to her native Hungary. Anita Blond now lives with her husband in Budapest, and although she no longer does hardcore films, she continues to occasionally appear in nude layouts in adult magazines.