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Amber Lynn was born Laura Allen, on 3 September 1964, in Newport Beach, California. Her mother died of cancer at an early age, and her father ran away. "I grew up with four brothers, a broken home, and a dream of being a 'glamour girl.' School bored the shit out of me." She spent most of he early childhood moving between foster parents. According to porn star Jerry Butler, who became one of her brother Buck Adams' closest friends, "Both Amber and Buck were adopted by step-parents… They had a pretty shabby life in Orange County, California. Redneck, poor white trash, they grew up stealing and driving fast cars." Amber eventually lost her virginity when she was 17, and after turning 18 had "a sugar daddy that kept me. Paid for everything. I didn't need a dime of my own money and never had to work. Then his wife found out and he ran back to her, breaking it off with me. I was out in the cold. Then a friend of his asked me if I was interested in masturbating on video. I needed the money and said okay."

This home video was Amber's first step into the adult industry. "Soon after I was doing regular photo shoots for Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, and numerous other magazines. I found work consistently with other top magazine girls Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon and Traci Lords. Ginger was the first of the three to make the transition into porn movies and I think the rest of us were jealous. It looked like fun, and it was paying more money than the magazine work. I read for a part as a single girl strip tease and wound up in a hardcore scene the next day. That was for my first movie: 'Personal Touch, Part III' (1983). Not only was it my first sex scene on film, but also I gave my first blowjob ever. I doubt many people get their first ever dick in the mouth in front of a camera."

Amber had the first of numerous breast implants and a year later finally managed to establish herself with the classic 'Ten Little Maidens' (1984), which also starred Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley and Lisa De Leeuw. It was obvious that she was a natural in front of the camera. She lacked any sense of inhibition, had a beautiful firm body and was sexually explosive. Arriving on the set hours before shooting began, Amber simply stripped off her clothes, and insisted on remaining naked for the rest of the day. Richard Pacheco, who also appeared in the film, later recalled: "Ten Little Maidens was fun. They had enough talent on that set to make 20 movies nowadays. They had twelve of us in this one scene that was the most astonishing scene I was ever in. Jamie Gillis, Harry Reems, Paul Thomas, Eric Edwards, Lisa De Leeuw, Nina Hartley, Janie Robbins, Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn… We sit around a table in this mansion. It was supposed to be Harry's big comeback movie but Jamie was being Jamie… Lisa De Leeuw was deep-throating an ear of corn, Eric Edwards was fucking somebody [Amber Lynn] with a cucumber, Paul Thomas and Amber Lynn were spitting watermelon seeds at each other… It was all getting pretty messy when Jamie re-entered the scene with an entire roasted pig on a tray… He bent naked Amber over the table and stuck the pig’s snout right into her bottom. Then he took a bite out of the pig's nose and proceeded to tongue-fuck Amber's ass… Anyone kinkier than Jamie shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets… After a bit Jamie placed the pig on Amber's back. He began alternately fucking the pig and Amber. As he warmed up to the task, he tore off huge chunks of pig meat and greasy fat and smeared it all over his blond partner… When Jamie smeared the pig in Amber's face and hair, mouths fell open around the table… Someone took a mouthful of fruit and barfed it all over Jamie's cock, Amber's ass, and the pig. It was clearly out of hand… Harry Reems had the starring role. After a while he got tired of Jamie stealing the scene. He vaulted onto the table and joined in the pig smearing. Amber was sucking his dick when he pulled out and sprayed all over us… I had Janie Robbins in that scene. I had bent her over and was fucking her from behind. I felt like a Republican. When it was all over, Ginger Lynn was as white as a ghost. She had no idea what she had gotten into. Amber was doing theatrics, crying, and mad at Jamie."

The film was to become one of the classics of the mid-1980's. Amber was a director's dream when it came to fucking and sucking in front of the camera. Fred Lincoln, porn actor, director and producer recalled: “when Amber Lynn was eighteen, she was a fucking album cover, man. If you didn’t do music, you would do it purposely just to put her face on your cover.” Unfortunately she was not as reliable when it came to delivering lines. Her untimely demise had to be written into the script halfway through the film when she decided that she couldn't cope with the dialogue. It was in fact the wardrobe mistress's body seen floating in the swimming pool, not Amber's. Porn director David Jennings would later describe Amber as "an irresponsible, foul-mouthed slut". When working with her on 'Harlem candy' (1987) Amber appeared on set without knowing any of her lines! "I volunteered for the task of taping Amber's dialogue into the pages of a Hustler magazine, which she would appear to be idly perusing during her conversation with [Herschel] Savage."

Despite originally being startled by Gillis's on camera behaviour during 'Ten Little Maiden', they soon became romantically involved. She eventually she moved in with him. Jamie Gillis was an old school professional when it came to pornography, and he soon taught her the finer points of on-screen sexuality. Jamie also lived up to his reputation as being kinky, often taking Amber to porn cinema's where he would fuck her as clients alternated between watching their films on screen, and the couple live in action in the seats.

Soon after Amber's older brother Buck Adams, also entered the business. According to Buck: “My sister, Amber Lynn, had been in the business maybe six months when a still photographer introduced her to an agent named Reb Sawitz…. So Amber called me up and goes, ‘I’m doing movies, and they need a guy. You know, you can make three hundred and fifty bucks cash – like now. You can work with one of my girlfriends, and she’s really cute.” At first they tried to hide the fact that they were brother and sister, but when they were cast in a movie opposite each other the truth came out. Despite having been offered large amounts of money, Amber has never had sex with her brother on camera. Nevertheless, they often star in the same films, and in cases such as 'Just The Two Of Us' (1986) can be seen having sex next to each other, but with different partners.

Amber Lynn, along with stars such as Ginger Lynn and Traci Lords, became one of the main porn stars of the video revolution. In 1985 she starred in the classic 'The Devil In Miss Jones 3' where she had sex in front of a masturbating crowd of voyeurs. She later recalled: "The first time I did a double vaginal penetration was in a Dark Brothers film years and years ago, and I was the first girl in the industry to do that. It happened with, I think it was Tom Byron and Peter North. But it was kind of an accident. Heh heh, that sounds funny, huh? 'Oops, I slipped!' It was just a kind of thing that happened with a slip, and I was like, 'Oh, that feels good! Go ahead!'" Nevertheless, Amber refused to have anal sex on camera, or fuck anyone who was not white.

Both Amber and her brother were heavily into alcohol and cocaine. Butler recalls how "We'd make the rent and pay the bills, but we spent every other cent to party. Buck's sister Amber Lynn used to hang out with us." Tom Byron claimed "I never really enjoyed having sex with her. She was never that attractive to me and always had a problem with the nose candy. I don't like working with people who are strung out." Although her performances were always explosive, she acquired a reputation for being cold and hard to work with. Even Butler, who continues to hold her in high regard, admits: "I've always had this slight bit of hostility toward Amber. I think it might be because I know there is a loving woman hiding somewhere beneath the bitchiness… Before doing 'The Four-X Feeling' with Amber in New York, we were staying at the Edison Hotel. I was doing some cocaine… That night she let me stay in her room… We made love and woke up the next morning a little late, but still giggling… Once we were on the set, however, she became Amber Lynn again. I could almost see the hard shell forming around her… I think Amber resents me because I force out what she's trying to hide. But I'll always have a very warm feeling for her. As far as Amber's acting is concerned, she's a professional - clean, and prompt. She puts her heart into her work."

Amber soon realised that she was naturally bi-sexual, and never had a problem having sex with other women. "I have higher standards for women than men - but I've had strong personal relationships with both, and I have NO prejudices." Ginger Lynn was the first to introduce her to bisexuality after seducing her at a beach party. Apparently Amber was almost 'raped by her' that night when they had sex. She also asked Danielle to marry her at one point, although nothing came of it.

During the mid to late 1980's Amber starred in hundreds of porn films. Although some were nothing more than hastily shot one-day wonders, others, such 'Talk Dirty To Me 3' (1984), 'Trashy Lady' (1985), 'Miami Spice' (1987) and 'Miami Spice 2' (1988) were later considered to be among the best porn films of the decade. Amber, however, unlike Ginger Lynn, was never a good actress. Nevertheless, she looked great when she was being fucked, and could often be heard encouraging her partners to spank her as they took her from behind. According to Ginger: “Amber Lynn is my favourite. She’s hot. She’s very energetic, she enjoys what she does, she cares about what she does and wants to do a good job, and she’s a nasty lady.” She also had a reputation for giving great blowjobs. "I've been told that I'm an excellent cock-sucker. I love sucking, I love having a cock in my mouth and I love to feel it at the back of my throat, and I love to have a guy come down my throat."

Although this passion for sex ensured she was always in demand with both the public and directors, she was not the easiest of people to work with. Cameraman Michael Cates worked with her a number of times in the early 1980’s. “Amber was really good. She did have a bit of a… well, I guess you really could call it an attitude… Amber knew who she was at the time – which made it so much easier for her to get her way.”

Amber had first started working as a stripper during the mid-1980's. "I was approached by a producer for Mints (an adult show club) in Canada to do a double live gig with Ginger Lynn. Ginger backed out at the last minute, and porn star Tracey Adams was brought in as a replacement. We flew out to Canada, and after one night on stage, I knew this is what I wanted to do - live stage entertainment." In 1989 Amber Lynn quit the porn industry in order to concentrate full time on stripping, becoming one of the star attractions at the Crazy Horse strip club. "I am a professional erotic dancer. I do what I do very well. I work very, very hard on my show. I live, sleep, eat and breathe my bookings. It's very hard work. This to me is not a game or a joke... I am always thinking about working or my next gig. I really like dancing in small towns. I find that there's not as much to do, so when an adult film star comes into town it's a big deal. Everybody will come in to see you - in a big city there are too many other things going on. I really enjoy the down-home guys who come in and they've been saving magazines for five years and they have a collection they want you to sign. I always encourage the people to bring in any kind of collector's pieces and let me sign it. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of women fans and they are not all gay, but if they are that's fine too. Many come in with their husbands to see the show and the costumes and they are not threatened by the show. They'll come in because they heard their husband talk about me. A lot of them will come over after and have a conversation asking me who does my costumes or saying how they never expected the show was going to be like that - they expected it to be very dirty and it wasn't. Being accepted by the female population always makes me feel good." Amber began crossing the States with a $50,000 wardrobe, becoming the most requested Adult Feature Entertainer.

In 1995 she returned to porn starring in the 'Babewatch' series, parts 3 and 4, both of which were directed by her brother Buck Adams. Amber only appeared once in each film, and both were lesbian scenes. She later admitted that "I was in Babewatch 3 and 4, and I was only in a girl-girl scene with April... personally having sex with her a couple of times in one day was great. But, for seeing Amber Lynn come back and hand out a box cover with me on it to say she's back and have a five-minute girl-girl scene with someone one-third my size? It was an awkward scene. But it was an idea to save money."

It had been six years since she had quit the industry, and her alcohol and drug consumption had definitely taken a toll on her body. Her rounded breasts had been once again enhanced by even more silicon, while her face appeared hard and rough. Nevertheless, she was still extremely passionate when it came to sex, and her scenes are about the only redeeming features of both movies. A year later she moved in with pornographer Frank Marino, and together they announced plans for a film production company. Nothing came of it though. Her drug and alcohol problems became more severe, and in 1997 she was arrested for drunk driving.

At age 36 Amber decided to change her life, admitting, "Around this time my life was dysfunctional. I was disappointed with the state of the feature dancing business, and concerned over my status in the porn industry - I had developed an alcohol abuse problem and it didn't mix well with my feature dance touring. In December of 1999 I made the commitment to 'get clean', and in April of 2000 started regularly attending AA meetings." Her new direction, however, caused strains in the relationship with her brother. "I saw my brother recently and had to kick him out of my life. It's not conducive to what I'm doing with my life now. I'm sober and clean. I'm in the AA. I'm doing different things with my life… I've been through a lot. In order to get myself sober I had to become a different person and let go with a lot of my old ways of being. I was willing to do that."

A lot of things had changed in Amber's sex life as well. "I had a boyfriend introduce me to anal sex in the privacy of our own relationship and it was awesome. I wasn't injured during it. I got a good foundation on it, now I love it." Before making her first double-penetration movie "I went to see Larry Flynt and had a girlfriend at the time. I took her as a present to Larry and he said to me, you've never done double-penetration. I said I don't know if I could do both at the same time. He said I've never known you to sop you. You got to do it. So me and Larry shot a layout for Hustler XXX that was double-penetration and it was great."

Amber returned to the porn industry once again, this time working for Extreme Associates. The relationship was not amicable though, and Tom Byron later stated: "There was never a contract. We talked about doing something, but she's another one who just thinks that people should bow down to her because she's Amber Lynn. That just didn't make sense. We're all fucking equal here."

Amber has her own opinion on the situation. "I didn't have that star attitude. What happened was Rob [Black] reached out to me to work for him through Jeremy Stone. I thought that would be great. I needed the money and Rob made a bunch of promises about money. What Rob wanted to do was control my life by being responsible for my bills and not giving me a set salary that I could count on. What ended up happening was every time I had a bill come up, I had to go to the office and wait until he was able to speak to me… I can't just go and beg Rob and give him a fucking blowjob every time he wants and then wait a week to get the shit done. If that was all there was to it, that would be fine with me. But it was always something else to string along and somebody else tied to it that I would have to go deal with." Amber also had problems with the company's idea of teamwork as she often found herself helping with the label's public relations - "After the fucking second distributor I slept with, this shit was old."

Nevertheless, Amber looked better than she had in years, and this time she did not limit herself to merely lesbian scenes. For the first time she not only had on-screen anal sex, but did so with black porn star Sean Michaels. She followed the movie with another in which she took part in her first-ever on-screen double penetration. "Double penetration was kind of like something I didn't even realise I could do, but I'm a sick fucker. And I do like anal sex. It sounded a little frightening. But then there's the side of you that's going, 'Let's see…' And it wound up being very pleasurable, and part of the reason was because it was such a filthy act. The guys I worked with were really hot - they were cute, they were sexy, and they had really great hard-ons - so they made it really easy for me to do a double penetration. Luciano is so awesome, and he's gorgeous! When you're on top of a guy like that, basically he could tell you to drive a truck up your ass and you'd probably try it in the heat of the passion! They were just great about it. And it was so good. It all worked for me. It was just bizarre having an orgasm with a cock in your ass and a cock in your pussy at the same time because it's so intense." Even after leaving Extreme Luciano remained her favourite on-screen partner. "Luciano is a wizard when it comes to throwing that cock around. He knows what he's doing. Luciano knows how to do women; he knows how to do anal. He knows how to get it in and fuck the shit out of you. I worked with Looch a few times at Extreme and I miss him tremendously. He's great."

Amber soon realised that the industry had changed drastically over the last few years. Nevertheless, her age and experience meant that she was able to cope well. "In my 30's, I finally started achieving wet orgasms where my pussy would squirt. I was dating this guy the first time it happened - all of a sudden, I was coming and coming. He sat up and his whole face and hair was wet! You know this was not a porno stud, this was some regular joe, and he was like, 'Oh my God, you pissed on me!' So every time I would cum after that, for a while, I would have sexual problems because I was trying to hold back. Then I started dating this really sexy attorney, and he really liked that stuff. Now it happens a lot, and it definitely happened during my first double penetration scene."

After her acrimonious split with Extreme Associates Amber started working freelance and starred in 'Babewatch 12'. Unlike previous films in the series, her brother was not in the directors seat. "I did this new one for Jim Powers, he only had me written in for a boy-girl scene. I begged him to let me do an anal. He didn't want to do it. I was booked to work with Chuck Martino. Chuck Martino won't do anal. I went to Jim and said what am I going to do? He switched it over and I worked with Joel Lawrence, and we had a great sex scene… it's not like Buck Adams coming up with this great idea to fucking do a girl-girl, put me on the box, rip off my fans who think it's an Amber Lynn movie."

According to Amber, "Buck has issues about having his sister have sex on film", which was why in the previous 'Babewatch' movies she only appeared in girl-girl scenes. "My thing is I come from a family who has sexual morals along the lines of my brother. I laugh at him now. I say you're a fucking prude and you shouldn't be in the sex business. My thoughts and feelings were different then, but I had that grasp on me not to do certain things that just wouldn't be lady-like. But there's another side of me who's been this voracious animal." In 'Babewatch 12' Amber not only has anal sex, but also participates in yet another double penetration.

As well as starring in new and constantly nastier movies, Amber also launched herself into a series of public relations appearances to raise her profile. One of these was a memorable episode on KSEXradio when she volunteered to take part in the Wanker Show. "I know Wankus usually features up and coming girls, but I just got a new vibrator and I need to try it out", she announced. The two radio hosts welcomed Amber with open arms, hoping to uncover the truth about her secret love affair with LA Sparks President, Johnny Buss, son of Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. Although she refused to confirm or deny the rumour, the two were present and seen in the studio, off camera, caressing and holding each other closely during commercial breaks. Meanwhile Amber began masturbating on air with her new vibrator. "I have had such a stressful day, I just want to cum and alleviate my tension,” she said. Despite facing technical difficulties she managed to orgasm using her fingers, being awarded 9.55 out of a possible 10 points by the radio listeners.

Amber Lynn had once said "My all time idol, from way back, is Seka. She is the most amazing looking, beautiful, classy woman that I personally have met in the industry." Today, Amber is considered to be the legend. Many porn actresses look back to her, just as she looked back to Seka. Nici Sterling has often said that Amber was the one woman she would really like to have sex with. In a recent photo shoot for Hustler magazine her co-star "was just a little young stud, and he kept saying to me when we were fucking, 'I'm fucking a legend! I'm fucking a legend!'"

It is uncertain how long Amber will remain in the porn business this time, but she is making plans for the future. "I'm going to school to be a television/film make-up artist. Then I'm going to college to get my psych degrees. I want to go into child counselling. I grew up in a foster home, and I'd like to do some work with children who grow up in foster homes." Her main ambition though has always been the same. "I want to have a family, I want to be comfortable, have a good house, a great life and a nice old man and a couple of kids."

By 2002 she was back on the strip club circuit, regularly appearing in porn films, working as an escort, and busy setting up her own website. From January that year she also spent time working as a prostitute at Sheri’s Resort brothel, in Nevada. Amber admits she has never had any regrets about her role in the sex industry. "To be honest with you, I felt guilty because I didn't feel guilty. I've always been a person of conscience who would never hurt anybody else. I do not believe in children having any kind of involvement or access to the adult entertainment industry. I believe child pornographers should be hung up and skinned." When asked if she thinks pornography can lead to abuse and crime, she answers with a question. "Do grocery stores promote over-eating? If you're going to say pornography promotes abuse, then you're going to have to say grocery stores promote obesity. It's our right to be free and make these sorts of decisions." She says making a porn movie is no different than any other form of acting: She's portraying a star named Amber Lynn who is portraying a character having sex. "In the movies or in my personal life, I don't have sex begrudgingly - ever. If it's possible, I want to have a great time. Being part of the adult industry, it's a kick. My show is definitely for the big kids."