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Porn Star Kascha's the name and sensuality is her game. This exotic-looking young sex star has had two go-rounds on the porn scene. She intially hit carnal screens in 1988 with a scorching turn in 'Introducing Kascha.' She appeared in a handful of sex vids over the next year and a half, usually performing only with her real-life hubby Francois Papillon. Kascha made an immediate impression on fans and critics alike with her gorgeous looks and penchant for animalistic sexual hi-jinx. She retired after a little over a year and a half, only to return in 1992 with a renewed zest for sex in flicks like 'Hot Property.'

Kascha's got a mocha-skinned body with ripe, has enhanced her boobs three times and a butt that's one of the nicest around, perhaps with the help of some collagen implants. Her dyed-blonde hair and slightly almond-shaped eyes give her an exotic appeal, since it's all but impossible to determine just what her ethnic background might be. It is believed that She has had several alterations to her face in an attempt to make her eyes rounder and nose smaller. Whatever it is, Kascha's a mesmerizing beauty who doesn't take a back seat to anyone when it comes to sex appeal.


Some of Her best work can be found in the long-running 'Hawaii Vice' series, where she teams up with Papillon to play a sinfully sexy cop couple out to bust drug-runners and gangsters -- while taking ample time out for lusty action. Any tape featuring Kascha is a sure bet for spicy and erotic entertainment at its sensual best.

Kascha Papillon (born Allison Kainoaani Chow on December 8, 1967 in Millilani, Hawaii) is a former Chinese American porn star. She was frequently billed simply as Kascha. Measurements: 36D-23-34 She was billed as being of mixed descent (half Chinese and half Swedish), and was known for her East Asian features and contrasting blonde hair. Contrary to popular belief, Kascha had little or no European heritage and was of primarily Asian ancestry. She was married to French p*rn actor Francois Papillon, and did most of her p*rnographic acting with him. (She had a tattoo of a butterfly on her left buttock, which presumably is a reference to her husband: papillon is the French word for "butterfly".)


Kascha had two breast enlargements; in some compilation films, she is shown with three different breast sizes in consecutive scenes. Shortly after marrying Papillon, she was also rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery to make her eyes appear less "East Asian", although there is no proof that this is true. Kascha's hair became progressively lighter throughout her career. At the beginning of her career it was brownish-blonde with dark roots, most notably in her debut feature Introducing Kascha. As her career progressed and she had plastic surgery and added tattoos, her hair became lighter until she was a platinum blonde.

Kascha graduated Leileihua High School in 1984, and played tennis with aspirations of professional competition before suffering an injury that ended her career. She started doing porn in 1988 at the age of 21, with Introducing Kascha. She was photographed by Suze Randall in the August 1988 issue of Penthouse. She appeared in over 50 features, starring in several that included her name in the title (including Educating Kascha and From Kascha with Love). She left adult films in 1994, after which she performed as an exotic dancer for a few years.


She was an extremely attractive young woman, and decided to turn to modelling as an alternative. “I liked the people in the modelling business, and I just love being in front of a camera, so I thought I’d try it – and I enjoy it very much.” Mainstream modelling soon turned to nude shoots, and then to simulated sex. It was on one of these shoots that in late 1987 she met her future husband, French-born porn star Francois Papillon. “It was on a [simulated] modelling shoot, for stills. And we were asked to do a [hardcore] video that same day… I was wary… I did hesitate at first. But when I met Francois, he changed my mind about a lot of it. He was very nice… there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do it.”
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According to Kascha, “I love him very much, and I knew it from the first day that we met that we were meant for each other.” Under the guidance of Francois she agreed to star in her first hardcore porn film in early 1988, soon after her twentieth birthday. “I had one lover before I met Francois – and I was not experienced at all. I had made love with him twice, and that’s it… I didn’t know how to give head, I didn’t know how to do anything, really, the first time I worked with Francois, and it really showed. But now, I do everything. I’ve learned. I’m a little more experienced. But it was really funny because the first day that we met I wasn’t experienced. I didn’t know how to do a lot of things and we did it on camera, on camera for the first time! That’s true. I was practically a virgin!”

Although her parents had accepted her career as a mainstream model, they were distraught to find their daughter now appearing in porn films. Her father was a police officer, and he reacted by disowning her and cutting her off from the family. Kascha, however, moved on to quickly become one of the top porn stars in the States, starring in over thirty films during the next two years.


Kascha and Francois originally decided that although she refused to work with other men on film, he could work with other women. “But he didn’t want to, because he thought that it ruined our relationship, and we couldn’t be as close… We tried it once, and we didn’t like it, so we decided to just work with each other. And it’s pure – we keep ourselves for each other. And healthy. That’s so important for us because we’d like to have a family one day, you know. And our kids would probably like to see their mother with only one man. We’re very happy this way… I want him to be happy – but I’m lucky he doesn’t want to work with anyone else.”

Within a few months of her first porn film, Kascha and Francois married. He continued to guide her career and open her up to new sexual experiences. “I love giving head, giving blowjobs to a man, to Francois. I love to kiss him. I like everything about sex, I’ll do anything, and everything with him! Everything turns me on. I love getting head. Especially when it’s unexpected, you know, I love it! Being kissed, being touched, played with, all of that. Like if we’re watching TV and all of a sudden he’ll go down on me, or we’re by the pool. Spontaneous, yeah I like spontaneity… I like when he drives, and I give him head.”

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